The Tribe

The Tribe is a group of 20-somethings that are figuring It out. Together.





There has yet to be a place for Us to talk about weird Adult things–like the realities of paying $15 for laundry, and navigating your career. It’s confusing and difficult, especially when you don’t have a core group of people cheering you on (and we don’t mean your Mom).


We are different in race, ethnicity, age, interests, careers, and gender. But, we are the same in many ways. We believe in being Yourself, and being curious. We are hungry for change and thoughtful about existence. We are explorers and adventurers. We rally and support, but challenge and debate. We are a microcosm of every corner of the globe. And most importantly, we have each other.


So, join our cause. Fight the good fight, they say. And, if it sounds somewhat intriguing so far–read on:


  1. We meet once per month. No excuses.
  2. We spend time thinking and dissecting. We come prepared to focus on one person, and one topic.
  3. We have mandatory weekly meetings with Ourselves, and homework assignments (yes, real homework).
  4. We also have guest speakers–other 20-somethings who are doing Really Cool Shit.
  5. And, we have fun. We have perks and cool get-togethers and meet each others significant others and families and blah blah blah.



What’s your Road? If it’s part of The Tribe, send in an application. We’ll see you around.