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soul-therapy membership


Do you ever feel like you just need some inspiration? Something to get you moving? Something to remind you that weekdays don’t always suck?

By becoming part of the soul-therapy community, you will have access to monthly soul-guides to help guide you through the process of Reaching Your Dreams, weekly inspiring quotes + reminders + ideas delivered straight to your inbox, & bonus access to experts on the topics of happiness + wellness.

one-on-one soul-therapy session

$80 [digital] I $110 [in-person, San Francisco] I 75 minutes

Together, will align your beliefs + dreams + energy so that you can start really doing what you’re Meant To Do–not just moving through life like a robot. No more stumbling through your work-gym-sleep haze. No more running on the hamster wheel. Soul-therapy ain’t for your Great Aunt Sally–it’s for 20-somethings like Us to get our shit together.

During our soul-therapy session, we will drop the B.S. and get real. We will wipe away the cobwebs of your past to figure out what’s holding you back now. We will assess your Big Life Dreams to understand where you’re heading. And, we will co-create a sustainable plan for the future to make your Soul Feel Full.

passion-therapy workshops

varies I 90 minutes [San Francisco]

These in-person, group workshops provide a space for connection + reflection. Each workshop will be customized to the goals of the group, but all passion-therapy sessions will provide time for personal goal-setting, and community discussion. Passion-therapy workshops will use tools such as vision-boarding, journaling, and other personal development exercises. Upon request, workshops can include a workout + movement component.

Workshops are taught privately or for groups of up to 12 people.

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