Challenging the Collective (CtC): The Beginning

Challenging the Collective (CtC): The Beginning

I think I’ve entered the teenage years of Adulthood.

Teenage Years are the phase of life when you begin to question authority. It happens when you’re no longer consumed by your own confusion, and have enough energy to look outwards. To think about the truths you’ve just accepted without further thought. To be critical of the status quo.

Now that I’ve entered my mid-twenties (ah!), I’m starting to Look Up. I’ve begun to get out of my own head. I am now worrying less about achieving the “success” I thought I should be, and more about what the world has been telling me to believe about that so-called success.

And, that these truths are in my hands to create.

It all started by looking at my own world with fresh eyes. Because sometimes, our biggest insights can happen from the smallest ideas.

Mine happened with tampons.

Yes, tampons. I know some of you might be uncomfortable, because tampons are a weird thing to talk about – let alone for someone to derive a huge life insight from. But, one day these little things that I’d been using for nearly half my life had me wondering what the heck they were made from.

Tampons are one of the many things in life that we don’t question. They are a product that’s passed down from moms and talked about in locker rooms. Unlike a new pair of shoes or a cool restaurant, we don’t do research to find the best one. They just…are.

So, when I learned that these things we women put into our bodies month after month, year after year (for decades!) have literally no FDA regulations around them – I was floored. Like, it made me want to erase all those years of adolescence and say NO back when I was handed my first one, almost like I would a cigarette.

Because, the materials in these things are quite literally toxic. When I first started to think about this, I ran over to the box in my bathroom cabinet and read the ingredients listed on the back. It had lines of ingredients that I couldn’t understand. Words like Rayon, Dixone, Chlorine, BPA swirled around in bright green and pink colors. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Almost immediately afterwards, I found myself in a deep Internet hole reading about these toxic products that line the walls of CVS and Duane Reade. I read about the fact that there has been no long-term study done on the effects on tampons on women. Ever.

My mini panic attack about the toxicity of the products I’d been putting into my body for past 12 years of my life made me begin to question everything we’ve been told. It made me wonder about the truths I believed about our health, our beauty products, our eating and exercising habits, what we buy and how we consume.

It’s made me begin to Challenge the Conventional.

So, I’m launching a new series that does just that. It questions the products and beliefs that we’ve been told are Good for Us by our families, our friends, mass marketers and society as a whole. I am going to dig into a new topic each week, armed with research and a teenager’s critical eye to inform all of you (us) about what’s out there. I am going to present the facts as we know them, and my opinions as I find them.

And, we will head on this journey of Challenging the Conventional, together.

Look out for my first CtC guide next week. Topics you’re dying to know about but have no time/energy/wherewithal to research? Shoot me an email at with ideas, requests and thoughts.


I’m excited to begin this journey with you all!


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