Hi! My name is Katina.

I’m a regular 20-something, just like you, who entered the Adult World and realized it was hard. Like, way shitter than I thought. No one warned me that I would still have no clue what I want to do with my life, and I would still be making frozen food from Trader Joes. I felt like my life and passions and any semblance of reality were spinning further and further away while I sat behind my jail-cell desk.

But, I realized quickly that I’m not alone.

All of Us struggle with choosing between going to the gym or happy hour (tip: wine is better on your couch), at the same time as pondering Life’s Big Questions (what does it mean to Be Alive? what actually makes me Happy? can I ever be Happy again?).

So, I decided to try my best to answer them.

On Adulting is your best-friend-slash-yoga-guru-slash-your-perfect-self-in-twenty-years type of blog. It’s here to make you feel great that you’re not alone in this weird journey into Adulthood, but also push you to be your Best You. To make you think (and re-think) about the hard stuff. The confusing stuff. And, the beautiful, inspiring stuff.

Because, remember: a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world. This blog is for people who actually want to live in it.